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Nhà hàng

General Introduction

Situated on elevated land adjacent to Sonadezi Industrial Park, Mekong Long Thành Resort is designed in the style of Southeastern Vietnamese traditional houses. This architectural approach combines modern aesthetics while preserving familiar traditional elements. The high vault is entirely constructed with Cam Xe wood, using round timber logs as support pillars. The outer roof is meticulously crafted with layers of coconut leaves and an additional layer of galvanized zinc for protection. Inside the resort, the wooden roof system creates a spacious and cool environment, even during the hottest summer days.

The highlight of the restaurant is its menu offering various authentic and delicious Vietnamese dishes. Served by a friendly, cheerful, and professional staff, guests will feel extremely comfortable enjoying their meal in a spacious, airy, and cool environment.


Exquisite Design - Prestigious Service

The cuisine at the resort's restaurant promises to be a highlight that guests will remember every time they visit Mekong Long Thanh. In addition to its exquisite design, the open space and harmony with nature, environmentally friendly, make guests feel relaxed during their dining experience.

Mekong Long Thanh Resort focuses on authentic Vietnamese dishes to serve for breakfast such as hủ tiếu, bún bò, cơm sườn... The lunch menu embodies the essence of the homeland of the Southwest region with dishes like canh chua cá kho tộ, well-seasoned stir-fried vegetables, or succulent grilled pork ribs served with fragrant fluffy white rice. Or if guests suddenly "get tired of rice and crave snacks," they can't miss the bánh xèo, bánh khọt Mekong served with organic green vegetables "grown in-house."

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Nhà hàng



Energy Revitalization

Mekong Long Thanh Resort features a hotel facility with 29 modern rooms that are both rustic and intimate yet fully equipped, perfect for resting and relaxation. With room sizes ranging from 24m2 to 42m2, along with a peaceful location.

Mekong Long Thanh Resort is often favored by foreign experts working in Vietnam for short or long-term stays. Domestic guests also love the experience at Mekong Long Thanh Resort due to its harmonious, cool, clean, and comfortable environment.

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Thôi nôi xinh xắn - khởi đầu may mắn

Thôi nôi xinh xắn - khởi đầu may mắn

Trình tự tổ chức lễ thôi nôi cho bé mà không phải ai cũng biết?Thôi nôi là một phong tục tập quán lâu đời và không thể thiếu của người Việt và cũng là một dấu mốc quan trọng trong những năm đầu đời của bé. Đây là bữa

Mekong Long Thành ưu đãi tiệc cưới ra giêng rước nàng

Mekong Long Thành ưu đãi tiệc cưới ra giêng rước nàng

Ưu đãi tiệc cưới 2024 tại Mekong Long Thành.Mùa Xuân luôn luôn là mùa khởi đầu cho những câu chuyện tình yêu lãng mạn và cũng là nguồn cảm hứng “Ghi dấu ngày hạnh phúc lứa đôi” đánh dấu cho bước ngoặc này là một tiệc cưới rực rỡ.

Lunch at the Office with Mekong Long Thanh Resort

Lunch at the Office with Mekong Long Thanh Resort

Each of us works hard every day, facing pressure. At lunchtime, if you want to have delicious, diverse, reasonably priced meals that are also clean and convenient, but hesitate due to the distance and the scorching sun?Worry not, let Mekong Long Thanh Resort serve your office meals right to


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