In addition to the Exquisite design, the open space and environmentally friendly nature make you feel relaxed in every visit to the Restaurant. Cuisine at Mekong Long Thanh Resort is also an important factor that customers remember when they mention it. Focus on pure Vietnamese delicacies to serve in the morning such as Hu Tieu, Beef Noodles, Vietnamese broken rice with grilled pork chop. etc …

Coming to the lunch dishes bearing the boldness of the Southwest homeland such as Mekong pancakes, Mekong banh khot, grilled pork ribs will not be missed for diners who love to explore and enjoy food. Not only that, with the increasing demands of customers and continuously creating and improving quality. Mekong has also promptly brought out standard Eurasian menus, full of nutrition and beautifully decorated, suitable for customers who need to host partners for companies, meetings or events.

GUEЅT Alacarte

More than delicious meals

What could be more wonderful than enjoying the special dishes in the restaurant space while listening to the melodious music that makes customers feel relaxed and comfortable for the weekend with family and after work.


Energize your day with delicious traditional dishes and a variety of healthy vitamin-rich fruit drinks.


Luxurious space, professional service staff is always the place of choice for businesses to cooperate.


Enjoying coffee in the morning will help refresh the spirit. Work will be effective


Nutritious dishes, meticulously prepared to help customers re-energize after working hours.


Complete the whole trip

Cool space and many separate halls serving over 2000 guests at the same time. Mekong Long Thanh Resort is the ideal stopover for companies, tour operators to choose cooperation for their schedule.


- Hall 1 Conference is designed with a large capacity, wooden tables and chairs, the number of serving at the same time is over 1000 guests. Suitable for tour operators that need quick meal time on a professional scale.


Lobby 2 B Centrer with a scale of 300 guests, wooden tables and chairs and is arranged separately suitable for self-organizing tour agencies for employees who need open and separate space.


The parking area in the restaurant's premises is over 2000m2, suitable for large and medium-sized motor groups that can hold 500 units at the same time.


The cool and close to nature campus is designed and cared by Mekong staff. All contribute to creating an ideal space for photography enthusiasts to experience.


With unique values designed to operate for the event sector. Mekong Long Thanh Resort is the perfect choice to implement any event planning that customers desire.

Company events such as Year-End, New Year, Party, and partner reception not only help to unite the members of your company, but also mark the development journey and success milestone of your business.

With professionalism and thoughtfulness. Mekong Long Thanh Resort will help your business convey messages, respect and gratitude to customers and members of the business. They are part of the success of your business.